Awareness Days, Events, and More

Awareness Events 2019




Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF) 3-26 May SMHAF
ME Awareness Week 7-13 May ME Association
Deaf Awareness Week 13-19 May UK Council on Deafness
 Learning Disability Week 13-19 May  SCLD
 National Epilepsy Week 20-26 May Epilepsy Action
Dementia Week 3 – 9 June Alzheimers Society 
Carer’s Week 11 – 17 June Carer’s Organisation
Health Information Week 2-8 July NHS Health Information
World Alzheimer’s Month September Alzheimer Month
World Dyslexia Awareness Day 4 October Dyslexia Scotland
World Cerebral Palsy Day 6 October
 World Mental Health Awareness Day 10 October
World Sight Day 17 October
Dyslexia Awareness Week 4-9 November
International Day of People with a Disability 3 December
Human Rights Day 10 December

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