Disabled Access Day – blog by Rose Daly

Posted: March 9th, 2017

So, today is the day! Today is Disabled Access Day. It also happens to be the day that my husband has gone out so I am planning a quick escape to “visit somewhere that you’ve never been before”.

I’ve checked on the website, read the material, embracing the encouragement to “try a least just one new place”

Goodness! The world is my oyster! (Well, Barrhead. Maybe even go further afield to Newton Mearns!) How many exciting new places will I get to see today? I wonder how many other people will be out-and-about, taking in the sights and scenes.

Right, better think about getting dressed, seeing as how my lovely hubby ironed my clothes and laid them out before he left. These joggies are great for loafing around the house, but not for showing my face to the big bad world!

Och Wait! There is no one here to help me on with my clothes. I couldn’t have put them on anyway; I haven’t showered or even washed today. .If only I had access to some kind of care package… (Baby wipes rock!)

My wheelchair is left outside the front door (house doors are not wide enough to bring the chair inside and the step doesn’t help either). I finally manage to drag myself outside and plonk myself in the chair.

Right, Tally Ho! Onward and upward! Try as I might, I cannot get myself up that hill. The handrail helps a bit, but still I struggle. With grit and determination, a lot of sweat and perhaps the occasional swear word; I finally managed to get to the corner.

The bus driver is trying to explain to me that there is no room on the bus (due to a lovely wee mum with her baby and pram) so there’s no point in him dropping the floor height to chair level,,,, I can feel anger rising up…breathe…BBBREAAATHE!

I will call a cab. A taxi will take me to “somewhere that (I’ve) never been before”. Grrr! ER Cabs “ I am sorry Madam, but there are no facility taxis available in your area.”

ENOUGH ALREADY! Disabled Access Day? Don’t make me laugh!

Tired, Angry, exhausted, I am off home. At least today, I will have access to something…the remote control! Sigh!

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