East Renfrewshire Disability Action (ERDA) members consist of people who are disabled, non-disabled and carers. The group was launched at the Barriers & Bridges Community Conference event in March 2011. Then as now, it is important there is a local disability organisation to raise the issues and concerns of disabled people at a local and national level. This has been the case since our beginnings but has become even more so as disabled people are disproportionally negatively impacted by the unfair and unjust Westminster welfare cuts as well as cuts, increased charges and changes to various local authority services that disabled people use.

These policies and decisions maintain and reinforce the social, physical, attitudinal, cultural and economic barriers that prevent disabled people taking up their rightful role as full and equal citizens.

So what has ERDA being doing since it was formed?

We worked in partnership and formed a subcommittee with Self Directed Support East Renfrewshire ( SDS ER) to highlight and address the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF); this culminated in proposing a Scottish ILF, which is happening later this year.

  • We are currently campaigning to address the lack of wheelchair accessible taxis in East Renfrewshire.
  • We organised and facilitated two successful and well received training sessions for Third Sector organisations and individuals in the Turn2Us basic benefit calculator.
  • We challenged the local Community Health and Care Partnership’s (CHCP) increased charges to the Blue Badge scheme.
  • We managed to successfully stop a proposed price increase to the Holiday Programme for Disabled Children.
  • We worked in partnership with East Renfrewshire Carers to hold a Hustings event for the 2011 Scottish Parliament election and for the local council elections in 2012.
  • We have contributed to various consultations at local and national level.
  • We held a Welfare Reform event with the local CHCP to raise awareness about major change to benefits.
  • We have ensured the provision of accessible play equipment in Carlibar and Rouken Glen parks.
  • We participate in East Renfrewshire Council’s work to mitigate the impact of Welfare Reform on disabled people.
  • We proposed a national media campaign to the Scottish Government regarding the ongoing stigma and demonisation of disabled people by large parts of the mainstream media.

This is some of the work we have been involved with over the past few years, over this period we have had help and support from various groups and organisations, Voluntary Action ER, Acumen, Inclusion Scotland and East Renfrewshire Councils Equality and Community Planning teams. We thank them and especially all our members who have helped to contribute towards ERDA’s work.

At present, East Renfrewshire is served by a mixture of Public and Private Taxis amounting to approximately 500.  Out of that number only ONE is wheelchair accessible.
We at East Renfrewshire Disability Action (ERDA) have been calling for a number of years for this situation to be rectified for just some of the reasons given below.  Many of our members are being unfairly discriminated against by being refused equal access to public transport as is their right.

Accessible play equipment

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