Keep Safe Scotland

Posted: March 10th, 2018

I Am Me Scotland work in partnership with Police Scotland to raise awareness of and tackle disability hate crime. Keep Safe is a national initiative that works with a network of businesses and community buildings to create ‘Keep Safe’ places for people who may be feeling lost, scared or vulnerable while out in the community. Keep Safe places are identified by the I Am Me logo sticker in the window, although a full list of Keep Safe places can be found on I Am Me Scotland’s Keep Safe Scotland app can be used to:

Provide a full list of Keep Safe places across Scotland, with contact information and opening times for each business.

Plan routes, highlighting Keep Safe places along the way, promoting independent travel.

Find out information about local news and events.

Submit a hate crime report to Police Scotland, through a confidential online form.

Contact Police Scotland on 101 (non-emergency) and 999 (emergency), while giving the app user their approximate location

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